Winnipeg Manitoba Temple

There was a sneak peak a couple weeks ago at the Winnipeg Manitoba Temple. Those who follow church news, or even just temple news, saw an article about a public open house talking about the plans for the up coming Temple. The temple will be in the Bridgewater development south west of Winnipeg.

Initial Design

The Bridgewater team put out a promotional video several months ago that showed a temple similar to Cordoba Argentina in the Temple spot:

Winnipeg Manitoba Temple Early Concept

I started my model in a similar fashion, and waited for more information.

Winnipeg Early

Church Open House

However, in images of the public open house, the temple that was shown looked nothing like Cordoba Argentina, instead hinting at something new:

Winnipeg Manitoba Temple Elevations
Image from Mormon Newstroom shows Winnipeg City Council Members in front of Floorplan and Elevation of proposed temple.

My Winnipeg Manitoba Temple REnder

I thought to myself, ‘Well, I’ve worked with less” And I went for it.; I present to you a first look at my Winnipeg Manitoba Temple Model:

Winnipeg Manitoba Temple Early rEnder

Since then I have had contact with individuals who were at the open house. The Church asked people not to take photos of the Temple Render (presumably because finishes and materials are still in flux) but did not pose the same ban on the floorplan, elevations, or landscaping plan. I now have all three.

Winnipeg Manitoba Temple and GroundsHere is what I can tell you:

  • The temple has 1 sealing room.
  • It has 1 endowment room.
  • It is about 8,000 square feet (That’s 743.22 square meters for our friends to the north.) (Note: this is for just the one floor. It will have a basement for laundry and mechanical, and that brings it to 16,000 square feet total, making it a bit smaller than the new Star Valley Temple.)
  • It’s about half the square footage of the chapel it will share land with.

Apparently this is a new design of small temples that can be implemented in areas where temples are still considered to far away, but membership is light. Apparently, this temple will serve only 1 Stake!






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(Please note, I do not sell or give out my model files.)

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