Winnipeg Manitoba Temple

I have finished my model for Winnipeg Manitoba temple. I have been distracted by other projects lately, and have not worked on temples as much as I wanted, But the church released an official render for Winnipeg:

Official Church render of the temple design. Copyright Intellectual Reserve.
Official Church render of the temple design. Copyright Intellectual Reserve.

Unusually for the official render, Winnipeg has… issues. Now, I know, I make mistakes in models all the time. However, I don’t do this for a living, and I am far from a professional. Also, I am having to dig up details as I go along, rather than working from official documents most of the time, so I am bound to get things wrong.

On the Winnipeg render, I spotted the following issues:

  • From an artistic standpoint, the lighting is very odd. To yellow, but that’s personal taste I suppose.
  • The textures, especially the stone on the temple, are very flat and lack depth. Many times you can see a brick texture INSIDE the brick texture.
  • Things that are duplicated look like they are copy and pasted, rather than similar constructions. (This is easy to fix, and should not have been so obvious.)
  • There are at least 2 holes in the temple model where the model was never finished.
  • Background buildings in the render have textures that have been applied wrong, and windows stretch diagonally across the surfaces. (Note, these 3 story apartment buildings don’t actually exist, and that area appears to be zoned for 2 story single family homes.)
  • There is a bench floating 3 feet in the air.
  • There is a tree floating 3 feet in the air with a see-through trunk.
  • There is a small tree completely missing its trunk.
  • The primary stained glass window is a poor Photoshop of an architectural plan drawing. The texture of the main rosette does not line up within the window, being cut off at the top and a gap at the bottom.
  • An architectural reference line is visible within one side of the stained glass window

Some of this was obvious to me when I first saw it, others I found when looking for details for my model. It made me think that even I could do better than that. So I gave it a go.

So here is my take on it. Let me know what you think:

Winnipeg Manitoba temple

I hope to have a video in a week or two for you. Meanwhile, here is another angle.


Development images


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  • We are so excited here in Winnipeg, after waiting 5 years after the announcement of our temple in General Conference. The ground-breaking was on December 3rd, see Church New. It was a cold day, but little snow. Now we have lots of snow. Heard a rumour they may start construction soon. Planned completion date is Fall 2018, but we’ll see. In the mean time, we go to the Regina Saskatachen temple. Thanks for your interest! I like your rendering It’s beautiful.

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