Wednesday at Montreal Quebec

Yesterday, the Church released interior and exterior photos of the newly remodeled Montreal Quebec Temple in preparation for the open house, which starts tomorrow.

I have been waiting for some extra details for a while now, and finally have them. So of course I jumped this one forward in line. The temple is rather different. For reference, here is an image of the original temple here (I don’t know why my render is so wierd, with the lights and darks.):


Here is a render of the new temple, which has less lines, but actually has more detailed carvings than the original:


Also, here is where I was last month. so you can see what I have changed on the model:


This temple is now done. Since the open house only runs for the next 11 days, I am going to bump this render to the front of the line and see if I can get it out in the next week and a half.


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(Please note, I do not sell or give out my model files.)

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