Tuesday at Arequipa Peru

Update: I have been asked by the Church not to Display their renders of the Arequipa Temple until they officially unveil it/them at the groundbreaking.

As a courtesy I have removed my render as well, even though portions of it were not based upon those 2 images.

The original post, without the images follows:

Technically, it is not possible to do a model of the Arequipa Temple. There has been no groundbreaking announcement, and consequently the church has not released a render. But there is this fabulous photo of Elder Neil A. Anderson talking with people at the site, in which he appears to be holding a temple render. I have though many times about trying to reproduce that render, but decided there was not enough data there to attempt it. But then early Monday a friend pointed me to this site, which appears to be the site of the Contractor who will make sure the temple complies with local building codes and regulations: http://www.cosapi.com.pe, which has this render on it:

removed: image 1. A render of the proposed temple from an angle.


And elsewhere on the site has this image:

removed: image 2. A render of the proposed temple from the front.


That was good enough for me, and I went for it. Here is what I came up with so far, I will refine the details when I get more.

removed: my render

The tower is to narrow, but I think I did a pretty good job so far.


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(Please note, I do not sell or give out my model files.)

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