Thursday at Cedar City

Temples that are under construction are the hardest to make. There is usually only one reference, the official render from the Church. This makes it harder than you would think. When I model to match one image, I could have a corner that looks like it is in the right place, but is really farther away from the camera than it should be. This als means that I have made it to tall and to far to the left or right to compensate. In the end, without waiting until the temple is finished there are usually 2 things I can do to try and correct the issue. I can add more details, or, if I get really annoyed, I can turn the pattern of bricks on the side of the temple into a grid pattern and start counting.

I have not hit the brick counting stage with Cedar City yet.

Today I added details and refined the look of the temple. I made many changes in the size and shape, eventually ending up closer to the Church’s render. Here is the image from last Saturday:


And here is the new render after today’s work.



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