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Seattle Washington Temple Video is now online!

My video for the Seattle Washington Temple is now online. Lot’s of time spent getting the terrain just right here, and it is one of my more accurate terrains because of it. Click the image below to go to my Seattle Washington Temple page:

Monday at Seattle Washington

You can’t really see what I did to the Seattle Washington Temple model from this first image. Most of my work was on the back side of the temple, the east side, with the inscription. Adding the inscription to a temple model is always tricky. It’s even worse when it’s on a curve. It took… read more »

Thursday at Seattle Washington

Marching on. I noticed today that the Seattle Temple is taller on the east end than on the west end.  The foundation kind of steps down from west to east. I also made much progress, surprisingly thanks to Bing maps which offers 45 degree angle views of many locations on a map. Google Used to… read more »