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Caracas Venezuela Temple Video

I finally finished the Caracas Venezuela Temple. One of these days I need to sit down and figure out just how many more of these I have left to go! This model still suffers from a lack of reference material. The temple itself is fairly good, but the surrounding grounds, which are tiny, are still… read more »

Caracas Venezuela Temple to the Render

Caracas Venezuela Temple is off to the render. By the time I get this post finished, it will be nearly done I think, so expect to see the video in a day or two. I redid the grounds, as they were wrong. It’s amazing how one little photo can open up so many details that… read more »

Tuesday at Caracas Venezuela

I’m so close on Caracas. The end opposite the entrance is essentially impossible to find any details for. I did find dome details for the grounds since last time though, so I worked on adding those. Still some textures to do, and still some details to add, and always, the plants. Here are the previous… read more »

Wednesday at Caracas Venezuela

And by “Wednesday” I mean “Tuesday.” Once again I put some small amount of work in here at Caracas. This one is interesting in that the property is so small it is almost impossible to find reference material for 3 of the 4 sides of the temple. I have one photo of each of those… read more »

Monday at Caracas Venezuela

I realized today that Caracas Temple had many of the same attributes as the small temples. I was able to get a lot of detailing done. Here is the original I showed on Saturday: And here is the work I did today: Next time I come around to Caracas I will need to firm up… read more »