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    • Ground Breaking
    • 1841 Original Nauvoo Temple Commenced
    • 1981 Ground broken for Nuku'alofa Tonga Temple

Utah Archives - 3D LDS Temples

Fin. Salt Lake Temple

I have finished my Salt Lake Temple Model, and with it, I have completed a 12 year long project to model all the temples. If it has been dedicated, I have modeled it. If the Church has revealed the render for it, I have modeled it. I am now caught up with the Church. At… read more »

Monticello Utah Temple video now online!

My Monticello Utah Temple video is now online for viewing. I think the thing I am enjoying second most about this project right now is that I am finding fun bird recordings, often recorded within a few miles of the temple itself, for the video soundtrack. Monticello is no exception, as all sounds were recorded… read more »

Logan Utah Temple Video is now online!

I have finished my video for the Logan Utah temple. I have also finished multiple historical versions of the temple. Click through the image below to go to my Logan Utah Temple page to see more about this model as well as collected historical facts and models of the Logan Temple.

Monticello Utah Temple

I have finished the Monticello Utah Temple… But not the grounds. I still have work to do on the terraces, the support housing, the chapel, and of course, the trees. And I might make some tweaks to the texture as well. But oh so moan details were added to Monticello today. This is another circumstance… read more »

Cedar City Utah Temple

I have finished the Cedar City Utah Temple video. Or at least the first version of it. I will have to do another after I have confirmed the remainder of the grounds.  I don’t know how, but I completely messed up the terrain on the retaining wall and did not notice until after the render…. read more »

Manti Utah Temple

Today I worked on the Manti Utah Temple. From the south side, where I usually provide my renders from, there is absolutely nothing different. You would not know I did anything. From the North Side, look at the progress I made on the Annex: Compare it to the previous render I showed from here: I… read more »

Logan Utah Temple

Today’s update was all about the Logan Utah Temple. I did way less structural updating than I thought I would today. Instead I worked on the texture. The Logan temple has this fantastic old stone, with an unusual mortar set. Every time I come back to this temple, I hate my texture and feel the… read more »

Cedar City Utah Temple

I am working through a good update at the Cedar City Utah Temple.  I have reconfigured the grounds, and have reworked the west end to match what construction photos have shown. I’m not sure how close I am in some parts. There are a couple of good aerial videos of the construction site that show… read more »

Tuesday at Salt Lake

Back at the Salt Lake Temple. There are so many tiny little details that I want to do here, so of course I am doing them. Today I worked on this little Garden area next to the Relief Society Building. At this rate, I will take at least as long with my model as the… read more »

Tuesday at Monticello Utah

Lots of little details at the Monticello Utah Temple, lots of texture fixes. The only real structural change is the work I did on the spire. The spire on the Monticello Temple is unique, not looking like any other small temple spire. Everything else was cutting in windows , adjusting heights and running rib courses…. read more »

Friday at Manti Utah

It may not look like I did much, but I did. I have a new texture for the retaining wall, was white before. Also there I have finished most of the west tower. Mostly I started in on the Annex. Like St George and Logan, Manti has an attached annex on the north side of… read more »