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Fin. Salt Lake Temple

I have finished my Salt Lake Temple Model, and with it, I have completed a 12 year long project to model all the temples. If it has been dedicated, I have modeled it. If the Church has revealed the render for it, I have modeled it. I am now caught up with the Church. At… read more »

St. Louis Missouri Temple video is now Online!

My video for St. Louis Missouri Temple is now online! Once upon a time, when we visited the St. Louis Temple, I recorded audio just to use on this video. I have no idea where that audio went, so you won’t hear it today. I guess I thought I would never use it and deleted… read more »

Newport Beach California Temple is now online!

My Newport Beach temple model is finally finished, for now. I re-rendered this whole video multiple times. First, I messed up the trees. Half of them were floating in the air, the other half were buried in the ground. Then I messed up the camera movement somehow. As the video rotated around the east side… read more »

An Update on the Update: Kirtland Temple

I have finished with the Model for Kirtland, at least as far as is needed for this project. I have brought you some photos to show the finished product. I did not texture the model, as they will be adding the textures themselves. I should also mention that this is from photographs only. I had… read more »

Just a general update

I’m a little excited. There is a very good chance that by the end of this year  I will have modeled all the temples. I am still working, and I should have a few more videos ready for you all to see in the next few weeks, but in the meantime, I had a special… read more »