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Kyiv Ukraine Temple video is now online!

I have finally finished my Kyiv Ukraine Temple. One of the things I would like to do with this, and many of these models, is go through and replace the satellite imagery with something handmade. This is especially true at temples that. Like Kyiv, have very low resolution imagery available. [arve url=”” /] Click below… read more »

Kyiv Ukraine TEmple

I feel like I am most of the way done with the Kyiv Ukraine Temple. At least with the temple itself. I need to fix the textures, and add the inscriptions. I still need to add support buildings, landscaping elements and trees. Most of the work today was on the entryway. Although I did add… read more »

Saturday at Kyiv Ukraine

Lots of progress here today. Textures, and window details mostly, but the appearance is coming along wonderfully. A couple more sessions and this one will be ready to go. Development images

Saturday at Kyiv Ukraine

Lots of little details on this temple. I worked primarily on the windows on the North and South sides. Next time around, it will be the East and West windows and the entryway. Good progress though. Here is the original render: and here is today,s render: