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Trujillo Peru Temple video is now online!

behold my video for the Trujillo Peru Temple! I hope you enjoy it, it certainly took me long enough. I kept messing with the spire, I was never really happy with the size of it. I’m still not sure I am, but enything else I have tried looks worse, rather than better. [arve url=”” /]… read more »

Wednesday at Trujillo Peru

I worked the Trujillo Peru Temple model over well. I found some photos of the temple from a slightly elevated view and used them to help me fine tune the spire, which has always looked to small. Because it was, WAY to small. Then I cut in most of the remaining windows, and the archways…. read more »

Monday at Trujillo Peru

Man, I thought I had this one down good the first go round. Then I began to realize things were not lining up, and odd discrepancies were throwing everything off. I found out there is updated satellite imagery from Google. The old images were taken during the open house. the new ones are post dedication… read more »