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Fin. Salt Lake Temple

I have finished my Salt Lake Temple Model, and with it, I have completed a 12 year long project to model all the temples. If it has been dedicated, I have modeled it. If the Church has revealed the render for it, I have modeled it. I am now caught up with the Church. At… read more »

Tuesday at Salt Lake

Back at the Salt Lake Temple. There are so many tiny little details that I want to do here, so of course I am doing them. Today I worked on this little Garden area next to the Relief Society Building. At this rate, I will take at least as long with my model as the… read more »

Friday at Salt Lake City

So much to do here, that if I posted before and afters, you would not notice the difference. Instead, here is my first ever render of Salt Lake some 9 years ago or so: Here are some renders from today’s work: So here is the reflecting pool to the east of the temple, south of… read more »

Salt Lake Temple 3D Print!

  The Salt Lake Temple is now available for printing. In white. And Stainless Steel, actually, which was a new idea for me. I do plan to have a color version, soon, I hope, but it is not entirely up to me. The material has not been made available yet.  


Still working on Salt Lake Temple for 3D printing. Everytime you make a model, it has to have a well defined volume. Meaning an inside and an outside. The Salt Lake temple model now has the basic interior lining. This one is going to take some time to cleanup and get ready.  

Floating Stones

I am moving forward on models right now, I know this site seems inactive but man, there is a lot going on in the background. Here are a couple of shots from a model that has really been, well, kicking my hind quarters around lately. This model is for both video and 3D printing, and… read more »