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Historic Video Series – St. George Utah Temple (1883-1887)

This is the second historic variation of the St. George Utah Temple, and it features the first appearance of the new, taller, spire for the temple. The Lightning Myth Much has been said about how the spire came to be, and the stories are, more often than not, wrong. Tradition holds that Brigham Young hated… read more »

Historic Video Series – St. George Utah Temple (1877-1883)

I am very happy about today’s video. For the last couple of years I have been working on and off on a new set of temple models. These models represent changes made to temples over time. For example, at the St. George Utah Temple, I am currently working on a total of 9 models that… read more »

Saint George Utah Temple To Be

I have a video for you today, this time of the recently announced renovation to the St. George Utah Temple. Details of the Project will probably change before the Church completes it, but I have done my best to produce the details they have released. Enjoy!

Renders and Research: Saint George Utah Temple

I have been consolidating some of my collected stuff on various temples, and have been reading and researching more as a result. I recently got caught up in an excellent article about The Saint George Utah Temple spire. I am sure You have all heard the story: Upon completion of the temple, Brigham Young was not… read more »

Saint George Utah

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