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Recife Brazil Temple video is now online!

My video for the Recife Brazil Temple is now online. This one required me modifying the model several times as I got better information, but I am confitdent int he end results. [arve url=”″ /] Click below to be taken to my Page for the Recife Brazil Temple where I will gather collected facts and… read more »

Wednesday at Recife Brazil

Not as much progress at Recife Brazil Temple as I hoped. Like last time, my progress was slowed by arches, but this time it was the entryway on the opposite side. Applying arches to a curved surface can be done so many ways, I just could not find the one that felt most correct. I… read more »

Friday at Recife Brazil

Those arches were miserable. It took me 2 tries to get them as good looking as they are. This is one of those models that putting the texture down solved the height issues, but also necessitated rebuilding the arches and windows again. In the end, the best way to solve the proportion issues for the… read more »