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A Visual History of the Provo City Center Temple

Enjoy! This image is comprised of 8 separate renders from 8 separate models. Each model identifies a different state of the Provo City Center Temple. Top Row At the top is the Original Provo Tabernacle, to the right, and the new Provo Tabernacle, circa 1887. Second Row First is the New Tabernacle shortly after the… read more »

Monday back at Provo City Center

I have finally finished the video, uploaded it, and posted it here for you to see! See my previous videos and other details here:

Wednesday at Provo City Center

DONE! I have finished Provo City Center, and have sent it over to the render machine, where it will now take precedence on account of the impending open house. Check out an updated render:  

New Version of Provo City Center in the Works

I have gone to create lengths to overhaul this model. I still need to redo the trees, finish some things with the concrete, and texture the Windows properly. I also am waiting to see exactly what the fountain will look like, and I am waiting for details on the Pavilion. Then there are some of… read more »

Provo City Center Temple

First Draft for the Provo City Center Temple. At the time this video was made, there were no details about what the grounds would look like. Consequently, the whole thing is basically wrong, right down to the color of the roof tiles.