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Trujillo Peru Temple video is now online!

behold my video for the Trujillo Peru Temple! I hope you enjoy it, it certainly took me long enough. I kept messing with the spire, I was never really happy with the size of it. I’m still not sure I am, but enything else I have tried looks worse, rather than better. Click the image… read more »

Arequipa Peru Temple video is online!

This is an early version of my video. As excavation has not truly begun in earnest for the actual temple, one should expect to see a lot of conjecture in this video. Click below to go to my page and learn more about the model and the temple.

Wednesday at Trujillo Peru

I worked the Trujillo Peru Temple model over well. I found some photos of the temple from a slightly elevated view and used them to help me fine tune the spire, which has always looked to small. Because it was, WAY to small. Then I cut in most of the remaining windows, and the archways…. read more »

Monday at Trujillo Peru

Man, I thought I had this one down good the first go round. Then I began to realize things were not lining up, and odd discrepancies were throwing everything off. I found out there is updated satellite imagery from Google. The old images were taken during the open house. the new ones are post dedication… read more »

Tuesday at Arequipa Peru

Update: I have been asked by the Church not to Display their renders of the Arequipa Temple until they officially unveil it/them at the groundbreaking. As a courtesy I have removed my render as well, even though portions of it were not based upon those 2 images. The original post, without the images follows: Technically,… read more »