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Panama City Panama Temple video is now online!

My Panama City Panama Temple video is now done and online. This was another temple that suffered from a lack of detail and reference photos, but I think I got there in the end. [arve url=”” /] Click the Image below to go to my page for the Panama City Panama Temple

Saturday at Panama City

I started to texture Panama City Panama Temple and, after adding some details, I came to a conclusion that everything was wrong. I just could not get the textures to line up as they should. Some walls seemed to wide, others to narrow. I basically started over. End result is much bigger, especially the spire,… read more »

Monday at Panama City Panama

Details are hard to find on this one. My only real source for temples I have never been to is the fabulous site In the case of some temples. like Panama City, there either are not many photos or they are taken on lower resolution. In the case of Panama, they are not only… read more »