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Monticello Utah Temple video now online!

My Monticello Utah Temple video is now online for viewing. I think the thing I am enjoying second most about this project right now is that I am finding fun bird recordings, often recorded within a few miles of the temple itself, for the video soundtrack. Monticello is no exception, as all sounds were recorded… read more »

Monticello Utah Temple

I have finished the Monticello Utah Temple… But not the grounds. I still have work to do on the terraces, the support housing, the chapel, and of course, the trees. And I might make some tweaks to the texture as well. But oh so moan details were added to Monticello today. This is another circumstance… read more »

Tuesday at Monticello Utah

Lots of little details at the Monticello Utah Temple, lots of texture fixes. The only real structural change is the work I did on the spire. The spire on the Monticello Temple is unique, not looking like any other small temple spire. Everything else was cutting in windows , adjusting heights and running rib courses…. read more »

Thursday at Monticello Utah

This model looks more complete than it really is. I applied my original textures from my Google Earth model to help my line up the pieces.  At the same time, it also looks more unfinished than it is. The pieces are mostly in place, but need to be tweaked to make them work. Either way,… read more »