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Mexico City Mexico Temple finished

I have finished my Mexico City Mexico Temple model. I was going to add more trees, and some more small details, but it is now so big my computer can barely handle it. I am sending it over to render Que now, and will have to update it one day when I get a fancier… read more »

Monday at Monterrey Mexico

There is a quirk in Blender, and I have not completely identified the cause yet, that had infected my Monterrey Mexico Temple model. Sometimes blender gets confused when you go to cut new faces into a shape and it inverts edges. Basically, the top right corner on one face of a box connects to the… read more »

Sunday at Mexico City

Lots of little details. Circle feature around the crown, the fountain, an entrance on the north, fixing the fences, adding a missing mission office. I have farther to go on this one than I thought, but a good chunk of it is done. Inscriptions, spire, and doorways on the lower level. Then as always, plants… read more »

Tuesday at Mexico City

Fiddly Bits, Fiddly bits everywhere. The Mexico City Mexico Temple is so detailed. Details everywhere. I added the support buildings, upgraded the ground texture, and filled in some of those Fiddly Bits. Her is last months render: And here is today’s: