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Manti Utah Temple Video now online!

My Manti Utah Temple video is now finished. I feel pretty good about this one, it is one of my more complete models. Not only that, but if you click through the image at the bottom of this post, my Manti Temple page features renders of different stages of the Temples evolution, including all the… read more »

Manti Utah Temple

Today I worked on the Manti Utah Temple. From the south side, where I usually provide my renders from, there is absolutely nothing different. You would not know I did anything. From the North Side, look at the progress I made on the Annex: Compare it to the previous render I showed from here: I… read more »

Friday at Manti Utah

It may not look like I did much, but I did. I have a new texture for the retaining wall, was white before. Also there I have finished most of the west tower. Mostly I started in on the Annex. Like St George and Logan, Manti has an attached annex on the north side of… read more »

Friday at Madrid Spain

The grounds at Madrid are so interesting. Perhaps to interesting for someone like me who tends to get distracted easily. Sure, I got some of the temple done today, but I spent much more time on the grounds. I am looking forward to the video of this one which will show of the grounds in… read more »