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Madrid Spain Temple video now Online!

I have finished the video for the Madrid Spain Temple. I love the grounds at this temple. The red/orange brick on the support buildings and terraces creates a nice contrast tot he white marble of the temple. Click the image below to go to my Madrid Spain Temple page to get more facts and details… read more »

Madrid Spain Temple

Today was the Madrid Spain Temple. Looking at my standard image, it won’t look like I got much done here today. There are some garden beds on the east side, and new image for the terrain, plus I added a new sky for some High Dynamic Range lighting. Where today’s refinements are truly noticeable is… read more »

Thursday at Madrid Spain

Fences, Brick Texture walls and Windows. Welcome back to the Madrid temple model. I jumped around a bit, but today was nice in that some of the issues I had with this model before are resolved. I finally noticed a couple of spots on the real temple that explained some height changes . The entryaway… read more »

Thursday at Lubbock Texas

Sometimes the best way to get the details right is to start adding the texture and allow it to be the guide. I kind of did that here, cutting a few side pieces out of photos I had taken and using them as templates to line up the trim pieces and windows. And once you… read more »