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Lisbon Portugal Temple video is now online!

My model for the Lisbon Portugal Temple is now finished, or as finished as it can be when the foundations have just been poured for the actual temple. The church provided renders from multiple angles for this temple though, so it should be reasonably accurate. Click the picture below the video to be taken to… read more »

Lisbon Portugal Temple

I began texturing the Lisbon Portugal temple today, the temple itself, not the grounds so much. The addition of textures changed everything in regards to the window heights, and various trim pieces. Lots of small adjustments and changes. There are now details on the spire and the window trim that I did not have before…… read more »

Monday at Lisbon Portugal

Really exciting here, the Church released additional renders for the Lisbon temple, one of which was an above view showing a preliminary look for the grounds. I could not help it, I ignored the temple model except to fix the height and length to match the new render and away I went. Lots to do… read more »

Friday at Lisbon Portugal

Yesterday the Church released a render of the Lisbon Portugal Temple which is slated for groundbreaking December 5th. So of course I set aside my regular plan and did Lisbon today instead. There are not a lot of details on this temple, and short of some of the windows, Some crenelation, and the entryway I… read more »