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Laie Hawaii Temple video complete and online!

I have completed my model and video for the Laie Hawaii Temple. In addition, I have completed a few historical renders of the temple to show how the temple has changed over time. Click the image below the video to go to my Laie Temple page and see the images. [arve url=”” /]

Laie Hawaii Temple

I spent a chunk of this morning while working on the Laie Hawaii Temple trying to find away to make the friezes around the temple quicker and with a better level of detail. It has yet to pay off. So for now I have let the friezes be, and worked instead on the grounds and… read more »

Sunday at Laie Hawaii

This model could take me forty years. I made some small progress on the South Frieze today, but suddenly became worried that the scaling was off. Adjustments were made, and I spent the rest of the day working on the grounds and temple trim. Because those are completely related somehow. You might wonder, as I… read more »

Sunday at Laie Hawaii

There is a problem with Laie Temple. Around the top of the Laie temple are 4 wonderful carved friezes, done by Avard Fairbanks. They are fairly deep and heavily detailed. So the struggle is how to portray them. A plane flat surface with a photo will do, but only if I render from the same… read more »