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Laie Hawaii Temple

I spent a chunk of this morning while working on the Laie Hawaii Temple trying to find away to make the friezes around the temple quicker and with a better level of detail. It has yet to pay off. So for now I have let the friezes be, and worked instead on the grounds and… read more »

Sunday at Laie Hawaii

This model could take me forty years. I made some small progress on the South Frieze today, but suddenly became worried that the scaling was off. Adjustments were made, and I spent the rest of the day working on the grounds and temple trim. Because those are completely related somehow. You might wonder, as I… read more »

Sunday at Laie Hawaii

There is a problem with Laie Temple. Around the top of the Laie temple are 4 wonderful carved friezes, done by Avard Fairbanks. They are fairly deep and heavily detailed. So the struggle is how to portray them. A plane flat surface with a photo will do, but only if I render from the same… read more »