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Kirtland Temple Documentary

You may remember a while back I talked about a commission in which I produced the West end pulpits of the Kirtland Temple. These pulpits here: The work was for a Documentary produced by BYUTV titled “America’s Sacred Ground: Kirtland.” The team who made the documentary was able to get permission to film in Kirtland… read more »

An Update on the Update: Kirtland Temple

I have finished with the Model for Kirtland, at least as far as is needed for this project. I have brought you some photos to show the finished product. I did not texture the model, as they will be adding the textures themselves. I should also mention that this is from photographs only. I had… read more »

Just a general update

I’m a little excited. There is a very good chance that by the end of this year  I will have modeled all the temples. I am still working, and I should have a few more videos ready for you all to see in the next few weeks, but in the meantime, I had a special… read more »

Kirtland Ohio Temple

I have updated my Kirtland Ohio Temple Model. I added the doors. I  started work on the roof, the tower, and the large center window.  I have halted work on the interior, as I am not going to see it in the final render at this point. The large center windows will be the most… read more »

Friday at Kirtland Ohio

I am adding to the modeling Que. Again. This time it is for Kirtland Ohio. This one is going to be really fun. Many years ago the Department of the Interior Office of National Parks, Buildings, and Reservations did a survey of the Kirtland Ohio Temple for its inclusion in the National Register of Historic… read more »