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Update: Moroni Faces East

I have created an update for my popular infographic, “Moroni Always Faces East (Except When He Doesn’t).” The update feateures the addition of new temples announced, the inclusion of Statues that have been added in the last year, and tweaks to the design that should make it easier to read. Go Check it out!  

Moroni Direction Infographic Updated

I have updated my “Moroni Faces East, Except When he Doesn’t” infographic. I have fixed dedication orders, added newly announced temples, and given it a whole new background. Check it out:

2014 Temple Infographic

It’s that time of the year again. I have added several temples to my annual info-graphic. I few more iterations of this, and it will conatain all the temples! Se it and download it through the infographic page, linked below.

Welcome to 3DTemples!

[meteor_slideshow slideshow=”main-page-slideshow”] Welcome to 3DTemples! My fascination with the temple goes back a long way. There was a point in my life where I was struggling. I was in a bad relationship I was afraid to leave, and a bad job that I also could see no way out of. I was not, at that… read more »