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Hong Kong China Temple video now online!

The most fascinating thing about this temple to model was the grounds. It was also the most difficult to find reference material for. The grounds are very small, and difficult to photograph in an interesting manner, so most people don’t photograph them! Most intersting is the courtyard in front of the temple entrance. The courtyard… read more »

Wednesday at Hong Kong China

I have begun work on the textures, and the grounds (small as they are) and the terrain, and the Chapel the Church built right across the street, which I think might actually be larger than the temple is. This temple is small, and fascinating. The grounds are compact but full of details. And, as all… read more »

Thursday at Hong Kong

This one has been bothering me since I posted it 2 weeks back. It was to tall. I knew it, but I did not take the time to fix it first. So today was all about fixing the proportions, then adding details to the horizontal trim. Other parts were adjusted or tweaked. Most of the… read more »