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Tegucigalpa Honduras Temple video is now Online!

I have uploaded my video for the Tegucigalpa Honduras Temple I meant to upload it yesterday, but life, as they say. The grounds at this temple were challenging, there is much variation, but I think the end result is pretty good. Click the link below to go to my Tegucigalpa Honduras Temple page:

Tuesday at Tegucigalpa Honduras

I learned a nice new trick or two for the Tegucigalpa Honduras Temple, not that you would be able to tell. They allowed me to easily make the metal grill over the windows today. Also, I added an initial texture in place of the checkerboard. I added more detail to the grounds, but most of… read more »

Saturday at Tegucigalpa Honduras

How would you like to learn a little more about how I make the models? The first thing I do is rough in the shape. I look at photos and maybe find one taken from a distance to estimate the height. This leaves me with the tough in you saw last October:Next is getting the… read more »