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A new video for Port-au-Prince Haiti

I have uploaded a new video for the Port-au-Prince Haiti Temple, currently under construction. This model is based on the official render from the Church, plus current Google Earth satellite images which show the temple well under construction. There are some guesses still, but I am more confident in this model than I was the… read more »

Port-au-Prince Haiti Temple video (1st draft) is now online!

This video is a guess as to what the temple will like like. It is based solely on the render the church released, and includes speculations both by myself and Rick Satterfield of ldschurchtemples.org.. ┬áNone of it is intended to be official, and there is a very good chance I have much of it wrong…. read more »

The newley unveiled Port-au-Prince Haiti Temple

On Thursday of this week the Church unveiled the design for the Port-au-Prince Haiti Temple when they announced the groundbreaking for 28 October 2017. Of course I jumped right in. The official render is set at such an angle that you can’t really see the side, so much of my model is pulled from guesswork…. read more »