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Guayaquil Ecuador Temple

Guayaquil Ecuador Temple is done… for the day. Not so much when it comes to moving on to the render.  I have completed most of the model, I need some texture tweaks, I also have a significant amount of progress on the grounds. The inscription to be added, and the windows to finish. then there… read more »

Monday at Guayaquil Ecuador

Happy leap-day, I guess. And Happy Birthday to those of you now turning 1/4 of your actual age. Today I worked on size. I actually counted out the stones on the side of the temple and fixed my model accordingly, at least for the base. The spire still needs to be done, but the height… read more »

Tuesday at Guayaquil Ecuador

I had some tweaking to do here today. The spire was to short and may still be. Also, I think I have some of my details to big. When you oversize the detailing, the end result is everything looks a little Fisher Price. Typically, you can do small fine details on large objects, not small… read more »