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Orlando Florida Temple video is now online!

This is my video for the Orlando Florida Temple. I was able to visit this temple for the first time last summer, and it makes a difference tot he model making when I can get my own photos of areas I know will be difficult to model! [arve url=”https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tm-kW9WMTPk” /] Click the Image below to… read more »

Friday at Orlando Florida

It doesn’t look like I got much done on the Orlando Florida Temple. In fact, in some spots it looks like I went backwards. See, when I worked on this last, I apparently forgot to save the last time before I started on my next in line. consequently  I lost a chunk of work and… read more »

Sunday at Orlando Florida

Details and terrain today. I upgraded the terrain image, and extended the terrain to include the LDS Chapel across the street. I added the some of the retaining walls and planting beds. I fixed the proportion on the spire, the height of the temple, and added the overhanging trim work across the whole temple and… read more »

Fort Lauderdale Florida Temple

First video for the Fort Lauderdale Florida Temple. This video features my first attempt at HDR lighting (It failed,) My first attempt at Depth of field (Too heavy handed) and my first real attempt with the Cycles render engine (One out of three ain’t bad!)