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    • Ground Breaking
    • 1996 Ground broken for Santo Domingo Dominican Republic Temple
    • 2012 Ground broken for Tijuana México Temple

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Helsinki Finland Update

Today’s update to the Helsinki Finland temple features reworked windows, a new spire, windows on the spire and celestial room and pillars for the entryway. The grounds received a major overhaul as well. I am hoping one more session will have Helsinki ready for the trees. I still need to add the doors and inscription,… read more »

Tuesday at Helsinki Finland

There are all kinds of fancy modeling tools out there that are designed to help you model existing objects. There is this great one for Blender that lines up a photo to your model and helps you draw the model right over the top of it. In the end, however, nothing seems to work as… read more »

Wednesday at Helsinki Finland

Talk about  a headache. Sometimes when I am working on these models, I will suddenly notice that all the small details disappear. This happens (usually) when I run a cleanup script and don’t catch that it has destroyed the small details instead of fixing errors. Often I can pull up the last save and incorporate… read more »