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Saturday at Preston England

It’s done! The Preston England Temple model video is now available to view here, and on YouTube, as well as on my Temple page. Check it out: Hope you enjoy it. I have enjoyed making it, and look forward to someday finding the time to make a night lit version of it. I am struggling with… read more »

Monday at Preston England

Done with Preston England Temple! In about a week I should have a full render and video waiting to go. We’ll see how well my computer does with this model, as it is heavy on trees. The trees are what we refer to as “billboard” trees, meaning they are flat planes with an image and… read more »

Tuesday at Preston England

Sorry this is late. I am so excited about tomorrow’s t temple that I was busy getting set up for it. (I might even finish it!) Well, you may not notice much difference on Preston England, but now I have a realistic texture, a proportional height, and a good start on the grounds with an… read more »

Tuesday at London England

Some serious progress here today, despite my limited amount of time. In fact, I am placing trees, which means that I am basically done. I am going to try to finish the trees off this week, basically sneak a few minutes in here and there, and send this one off to be rendered!   Last… read more »