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San Salvador El Salvador Temple video is now online!

My Video for the San Salvador El Salvador Temple is now online! I was going to post this earlier, but as I was getting ready to upload it, I found all the palm trees were floating int he air, and that would have been rediculous looking. But here is is now, enjoy! Click the image… read more »

Thursday at San Salvador

San Salvador El Salvador Temple has been bothering me. Turns out I had the spire way to big. Thanks again to new tools in Blender I have been able to confirm this, and fix it. Loving the new model. I have reached that point where It no longer bothers me to look at the model…. read more »

Monday at San Salvador El Salvador

I was expecting this one to be difficult. There is a lack of good photographs on the grounds and some sides of the temple. I did manage to identify a few key points that helped me pull things together. Here is last months render: And here is Today’s: