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Concepcion Chile

As usual, there are a few issues I spotted after rendering. These models get so complex that sometimes you actually can’t catch the problem until you have seen it fully rendered. Click below to visit my page for more details on the temple and my model.

Concepcion Chile Temple

Concepcion Chile temple moves forward again. I was fortunate enough to locate a landscaping layout for this temple. Now I have that underway. On top of that, I have a bunch of proportion fixes, some height adjustments, some windows and the front doors done. Various small details are in place now as well. I am… read more »

Saturday at Concepcion Chile

So few details left on this one, at least that I can pull from the render. Luckily, construction is moving along quickly and someone down there has a pretty good camera. In a couple more months I should be able to start working out things like the grounds and then I will be off and… read more »

Sunday at Concepcion Chile

This one frustrated me a bit so far. I keep tweaking the proportions because they never look quite right. I think I am much closer now though. Here is the render from last week: And here is today’s render: