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Cochabamba Bolivia Temple video is now live!

This one was harder than it looks. Primarily because I finished, rendered it, and found a bunch of problems. Some of those issues I could live with, but the one random tree floating 50 feet above the temple was not one of them. It turned out that the easiest way to take care of the… read more »

Friday at Cochabamba Bolivia

As always, I still need the inscription and the plants. I spent much of my time trying to sort out the entryway. I finally found a couple of good reference photos for it was able to get some of it going. Overall it does not look like I was able to get much done, but… read more »

Saturday at Cochabamba Bolivia

It’s been a week of these updates. This one was really rough to start with, and the final product is much simpler than many other temples. I have finished most of the details and have moved on to textures at this point. The first render The current render