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Cebu City Philippines Temple Video

I have finished Cebu City Philippines! Enjoy the video! Also, Check out my new page (Work in progress, link through photo): Development Images  

Cebu City Philippines Temple

Cebu City Philippines Temple is now a finished model and off into the render Que. 2 days, 2 finished models. That’s a pace I am not keeping up for long, I assure you. This update features a complete rework of the proportions, based off a photo that was well taken that I was able to… read more »

Wednesday at Cebu City Philippines

Finished most of the temple details. I need the east and west-most center windows, the inscription, and the entryway.  I made some decent progress on the grounds. Still need plants though, and the support buildings of which there are a few. Previous Work here:  

Wednesday at Cebu City Philippines

Today I traded out the ground texture, reworked the spire, multiple times (Still not sure it’s right) and added some detail. Here is the image from Saturday: And here is what it looks like today: Next time around I will work on the windows, and the foundation, then maybe textures.