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New Winnipeg Manitoba Temple Video now online!

Earlier this month the Church released a render showing a restyled and slightly enlarged Winnipeg Manitoba Temple. Today I post a video showing my interpretation of this new design. Watch the video below, then consider clicking on the image below the vid3eo to go to my page, where I explain a bit more about the… read more »

A New Render for Winnipeg

PLEASE NOTE: This post is based of a poor quality copy of a copy of an image, and is not meant to be Official. It is all speculation. This weekend while in Canada, President Nelson showed off a new render for the Winnipeg Manitoba Temple. Someone posted a blurry copy of the render on Facebook,… read more »

Winnipeg Manitoba Temple Video online

I have completed my video for the Winnipeg Manitoba Temple. I hope you enjoy it: [arve url=””] Development Images  

Winnipeg Manitoba Temple

I have finished my model for Winnipeg Manitoba temple. I have been distracted by other projects lately, and have not worked on temples as much as I wanted, But the church released an official render for Winnipeg: Unusually for the official render, Winnipeg has… issues.┬áNow, I know, I make mistakes in models all the time…. read more »

Winnipeg Manitoba Temple

There was a sneak peak a couple weeks ago at the Winnipeg Manitoba Temple. Those who follow church news, or even just temple news, saw an article about a public open house talking about the plans for the up coming Temple. The temple will be in the Bridgewater development south west of Winnipeg. Initial Design… read more »

Monday back at Montreal Quebec

My new video is done and online! Click the image to be taken to the page for the Montreal Temple. [arve url=”″ /] The Montreal Temple was built on a low lying river bank, out of wood frame. Unfortunately this left it open to problems from high humidity, namely mold. The need arose to remove… read more »

Wednesday at Montreal Quebec

Yesterday, the Church released interior and exterior photos of the newly remodeled Montreal Quebec Temple in preparation for the open house, which starts tomorrow. I have been waiting for some extra details for a while now, and finally have them. So of course I jumped this one forward in line. The temple is rather different…. read more »

Toronto Ontario is now up!

The video for Toronto Ontario is finally finished. Check it out on the Toronto Page. [arve url=”” /]

Toronto to the Render

Well, this is a new experiment. I am using full volume trees instead of billboards. I spent all day yesterday placing trees across the terrain. Unfortunately, I noticed after the render started that I left out the hedges, and I am not going back to do them at this point. I am kind of burned… read more »


All right, I admit, Salt Lake is not the only thing I have been working on. I am just enough ADHD that I can’t work on the same thing over and over. This is one of the many models I am currently working on, and the one closest to completion. This one is basically for… read more »