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Winnipeg Manitoba Temple

I have finished my model for Winnipeg Manitoba temple. I have been distracted by other projects lately, and have not worked on temples as much as I wanted, But the church released an official render for Winnipeg: Unusually for the official render, Winnipeg has… issues. Now, I know, I make mistakes in models all the time…. read more »

Winnipeg Manitoba Temple

There was a sneak peak a couple weeks ago at the Winnipeg Manitoba Temple. Those who follow church news, or even just temple news, saw an article about a public open house talking about the plans for the up coming Temple. The temple will be in the Bridgewater development south west of Winnipeg. Initial Design… read more »

Monday back at Montreal Quebec

My new video is done and online! Click the image to be taken to the page for the Montreal Temple. The Montreal Temple was built on a low lying river bank, out of wood frame. Unfortunately this left it open to problems from high humidity, namely mold. The need arose to remove all the timber… read more »

Wednesday at Montreal Quebec

Yesterday, the Church released interior and exterior photos of the newly remodeled Montreal Quebec Temple in preparation for the open house, which starts tomorrow. I have been waiting for some extra details for a while now, and finally have them. So of course I jumped this one forward in line. The temple is rather different…. read more »

Toronto to the Render

Well, this is a new experiment. I am using full volume trees instead of billboards. I spent all day yesterday placing trees across the terrain. Unfortunately, I noticed after the render started that I left out the hedges, and I am not going back to do them at this point. I am kind of burned… read more »


All right, I admit, Salt Lake is not the only thing I have been working on. I am just enough ADHD that I can’t work on the same thing over and over. This is one of the many models I am currently working on, and the one closest to completion. This one is basically for… read more »