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Campinas Brazil Temple

My video for the Campinas Brazil Temple is finished!   Once again, it wasn’t until I finished I noticed some of the issues, and a future version will correct those, but for now, another one finished. Progress So Far Finishing one got me wondering where I was at. Keeping in Mind, that the “Announced” temples… read more »

Monday at Campinas Brazil. Again

I showed an update on this back a month or two ago, but I added it into the roster this marathon anyway. Details, details, details. That’s what this one was all about. The spire is done now, and most of the landscaping. I still may want to add some detail to the Accommodation Center (assuming… read more »

Monday at Campinas Brazil

Well, this is later than I hoped it would be. I have been working late on a Christmas present after the kids go to bed, so I forget things in my sleepy haze. Here you go though. I worked on Campinas Brazil Monday. I am probably going to go to 3 a week posting, and… read more »

Sunday at Campinas Brazil

I like to spend my Sunday downtime listening to Church Music and modeling Temples. Sure the temple thing is what I do most days, but it feels more appropriate on Sundays. Today I looked over Yesterdays post and decided that I needed to make some advances on individual temples. I started with Campinas, and made… read more »