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    • Ground Breaking
    • 1998 Ground broken for St. Paul Minnesota Temple
    • Moroni
    • 1996 Angel Moroni placed upon the Vernal Utah Temple

California Archives | 3D LDS Temples

Newport Beach California Temple is now online!

My Newport Beach temple model is finally finished, for now. I re-rendered this whole video multiple times. First, I messed up the trees. Half of them were floating in the air, the other half were buried in the ground. Then I messed up the camera movement somehow. As the video rotated around the east side… read more »

Sunday at Sacramento California

The detail on the archways at the front of the Sacramento California Temple are taking more time than I could have imagined. It does not help that they are not straight. I have to work on a clone of the angled section that has been straightened out. This is not really a problem, but it does… read more »

Thursday at Oakland California

Back at Oakland California Temple. Just working my way down from the spires. Today I added the tree of life motif to the spires. It looks like a simple bit of geometry, but it’s not. Getting one set done inspired my and I pushed my way through to getting all 5 spires finished. I also… read more »

Wednesday at Newport Beach California

Much progress was mad on the Newport California Temple model today. The entryway is all that is left to be modeled on the temple itself. The grounds are a bit complex and will take more time. I started on the leaf motif that circles around the upper portion of the temple. You can see it… read more »

Wednesday at Sacramento California

Sacramento is a small temple, but it is beautifully detailed. The arched entryways alone are well worth the visit to admire. Unfortunately, they are also what I spent the whole day on. Here is last month’s render: And here is today’s:

Saturday at Redlands California

This won’t look like much, but there are tiny details in the textured area that don’t show up in this image. I did not get as far with this as I hoped, mainly because Blender crashed and set me back a few hours worth of work. Once you have figured out how to model a… read more »

Saturday at Oakland California

I have been dreading this one, slightly. Mainly because of the fantastically detailed spires. I assumed they would be difficult, and it turned out I was right. I tried 7 different ways to automatically generate the details, but could not get the parameters I needed to work. So then I hand built one by hand,… read more »

Friday at Newport Beach California

I am coming down with something tonight. I have had a sore throat all day, and some achy muscles. I had my kids to take care of, and my usual responsibilities. End result is that not much got done on this temple today. When I come back around to it I will have a good… read more »