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Monday at Campinas Brazil

Well, this is later than I hoped it would be. I have been working late on a Christmas present after the kids go to bed, so I forget things in my sleepy haze. Here you go though. I worked on Campinas Brazil Monday. I am probably going to go to 3 a week posting, and… read more »

What Day of the Week Is This at Sao Paulo Brazil?

Oh, Wednesday. My computer tells me it’s Wednesday. We are dealing with sick kids, and the 3 month old has been cranky unless she is held. However I did have some time to work today.  Sao Pauolo should be an easy temple. I was limited on time beut even then the time I did have… read more »

Friday at Recife Brazil

Those arches were miserable. It took me 2 tries to get them as good looking as they are. This is one of those models that putting the texture down solved the height issues, but also necessitated rebuilding the arches and windows again. In the end, the best way to solve the proportion issues for the… read more »

Sunday at Campinas Brazil

I like to spend my Sunday downtime listening to Church Music and modeling Temples. Sure the temple thing is what I do most days, but it feels more appropriate on Sundays. Today I looked over Yesterdays post and decided that I needed to make some advances on individual temples. I started with Campinas, and made… read more »