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My Tucson Arizona Temple video is now online!

I have finished my video for the Tucson Arizona Temple. I meant ti finish this one before the temple was dedicated, but things just kept coming up, and it had to wait in the end. But here it is now, so enjoy it! Click the image link below to be taken to my Tucson Arizona… read more »

Mesa Arizona Temple video is now online!

I have finished my Mesa Arizona Temple model and video! As usual, there are some issues with the video. It is difficult to check the layout of trees before render, as they use up so much memory that everything moves so slow or crashes in a preview mode. Consequently I did not notice that as… read more »

Mesa Arizona Temple

I finished lots of tiny details at the Mesa Arizona Temple today. Most of the upper temple is now finished. I have not started the friezes, and I am hesitant too after all the trouble the 4 at Laie have given me. I think I can find photos of the friezes without such a large… read more »

Thursday at Tucson Arizona

Progress on my Tucson Arizona Temple model today. This is the last post for this round of Temple a Day. I fixed a bunch of things here today, the width of the temple being one of the big ones. I started in on the grounds as well. I have the model formed in a basic… read more »

Saturday at Mesa Arizona

When I go to add detail to my rough in, sometimes I just start cutting in lines and pulling out new geometry. Sometimes I start all over and use the original rough in as a reference tool. I almost hit that second point with Mesa today. I was able to get some new information that… read more »

Tuesday at Tucson Arisona

This is it. This is my last of the TempleĀ  a Day posts. I am now more than half done with most of the remaining now 45 temples that I have left that I can currently do. Today was Tucson, and I have taken this one as far as I realistically can. I don’t want… read more »

Sunday at Mesa Arizona

This temple had the misfortune to fall on a day when I had much to do for my calling. It did not get the overhaul I was hoping, but good progress was made. Start on textures, new details, and an upgrade to the terrain photo are all counted in what I had tome to do…. read more »

Snowflake Rising

I have been very Attention deficit lately, and have bouncing around from temple to temple. Snowflake has received much attention as of late. I am rather proud of the rock fountain on the west end, and wish I new a way to make it look more realistic. I might play around with painting some wetspots… read more »