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Cordoba Argentina Temple

Cordoba Argentina Temple has now moved on to the render! I must say, I am rather surprised by this. In previous temple-a-day challenges, I have started strong then have begun to burn out as time went on. Consequently, I would get less and less done each day. So I am going to guess that the… read more »

Sunday at Cordoba Argentina

Every time I go to work on this one I notice some detail that requires me to completely redo the whole thing. This is rather frustrating for me, as I thought I had this one down nice the first time. Trim is right now, and I have started to rough in window spaces. There are… read more »

Monday at Cordoba Argentina

I did not get as far as I hoped with this one. The spire was all wrong on my first version. It took me as while, but this is great now. Here is last weeks version: Here is this weeks: