Sunday at Laie Hawaii

This model could take me forty years. I made some small progress on the South Frieze today,


but suddenly became worried that the scaling was off. Adjustments were made, and I spent the rest of the day working on the grounds and temple trim. Because those are completely related somehow. You might wonder, as I frequently do, if the extra detail I am putting into the Friezes is worth it or not. Even from a distance you can see where I have and have not added the extra detail. In the end I would be very unhappy with the flat look of the friezes if I did not add the detail.


Development images:


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  • Brian, Thank you for taking on this work – How ever long it takes you to finish I will be waiting to see the work. This is a very special Temple for so many reasons; I’m sure you have your own list. To me it is My Temple. This is were I was endowed, where my family was sealed and where I went often to find peace. It is also one of the great temples. The grounds and the
    building make you feel as if you have moved beyond this world.
    Thank you

    • Thank you, I appreciate the comment! I may never get to see the temple in Person, but making these models and collecting the temple’s histories allows me to learn the grounds and the details of the temples in a way I probably wouldn’t otherwise. I am glad you like it!

      I would be curious as to what you think of my historical renders of the temple, as well as my (mostly) completed temple video:

      I still don’t have the friezes as detailed as I want, but someday I will get them fully detailed. Other than that, I have the temple and grounds fully finished, plus down below in the wiki section I have a history of the temple with 5 Different renders showing the way the temple has changed over time. Let me know what you think!

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