This Day In History

    • Dedication
    • 2000 Caracas Venezuela Temple dedicated
    • Moroni
    • 2003 Angel Moroni placed upon the São Paulo Brazil Temple

Something New

A little over a week and half ago I started having problems with my laptop. By the end of that weekend my laptop had gone completely unbootable.  I have recovery software and was able to back up my files, but as is my luck, it did nothing to recover the hard drive itself. Further investigation showed the Hard drive was in fact failing, and had to be replaced.

Since the replacement, I have been slowly migrating files back over, doing a cleanup and weed out on the way. That’s when I stumbled upon this forgotten infographic.

last weekend I cleaned it up, updated it, and I am serving it up to you here now. I hope you enjoy it. The image below links to the page where you can either view it, or link through to the download page.


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