Saturday at Redlands California

This won’t look like much, but there are tiny details in the textured area that don’t show up in this image. I did not get as far with this as I hoped, mainly because Blender crashed and set me back a few hours worth of work. Once you have figured out how to model a shape, reproducing it does not take as long as making it the first time. This means I recovered just fine from the crash, but I would have had more done if it had never happened.

Last month’s render:

RedlandsEarlyToday’s render:



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  • Hey, Brian Olsen! I like the work. I was wondering if I could get a 3D CAD file of the Redlands Temple? Just I 3D model that I could 3D print on my resin printer. It does not need to have any mesh overlays with color or anything. It only would need the shape of the temple. I am getting married in a little over a month and I wanted to put little 3D printed model of the Redlands Temple as the center pieces at my reception.

    • Thank you for your interest in my work. Unfortunately, I do not give out/sell my digital files. This is partly because possession of the file constitutes full copyright, and partly because my models are made for video, and are not actually 3d print compatible without 40-80 hours worth of conversion. Congratulations on your impending wedding! -Brian Olson.

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