Saturday at Concepcion Chile

So few details left on this one, at least that I can pull from the render. Luckily, construction is moving along quickly and someone down there has a pretty good camera. In a couple more months I should be able to start working out things like the grounds and then I will be off and rolling on Concepcion Chile again. Here is Today’s render:


And here is a gallery of my development images:


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  • Hello Brian, I have a son in the Chile Concepcion mission who would like me to print a 3d model on his 3d printer of the temple. I am wondering if you could export a .stl file for me to use in his printer? Your video 3d rendering is beautiful. Thanks for your reply.

    • Thank you for your interest in my work, however I do not give or sell my digital files. The work on this site collectively represents 10,000+ hours of work, and the Concepcion Temple is at least 200 as well. Additionally, as my models are formatted to provide quick video renders, my files are not 3d compatible. Were you to print it most of the temple would actually be missing. I have a plan to make my models available as 3d prints, some of which I already have made available on my store site.

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