Sapporo Japan Temple video

A New model and video for the Sapporo Japan Temple is finally finished. I feel like I have been wrung out with this video. It took a month and a half to get all the little details in, and that was after spending 2 weeks putting in the big details. Things only really came together in the last month.

The Model and Video

It took 10 days to render this video, as opposed to my usual of 3 to 5 days. The trees I used are pretty much all but one models of trees actually native to Japan. I won’t make any claims about them being the right ones for the temple, but at least they are from the same region!

After rendering I noticed that the model had serious flaws. I have spent 2 days rotoscoping (Frame by frame painting) the right details into the image. then and onl then did I begin to notice all the non-serious flaws. I am not about to fix those, so if you notice my goofs, enjoy them!

Sapporo Japan Temple

Development images


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