San Juan Puerto Rico Temple video (1st Draft)

I have finished a preliminary model for the recently released San Juan Puerto Rico Temple. Obviously little is known about the site right now, so this is a vary early design for me.

Be sure to click the image below to go to my San Juan Puerto Rico page for more facts and information on the temple.


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  • Why flat ceilings? Almost none of our chapels buildings have flat roofs. Besides, it is not convenient in a tropical island like this one, for two reasons, the amount of rain we get, and the heat.

    • I don’t work for the Church, so I do not know why they make the design choices they do.

      When I made this model, I was working from the Official Render released by the Church. This render does not show the roof.

      It is highly possibly, as well as likely, that the Temple has a sloped roof hidden by the edge trim. They did this with all the small temples built during President Hinckley’s time.

      I did not add such a roof to my model because I just don’t know for sure, and it is often easier to add this kind of roof to a later model, than to delete it from the model if it turns out I guessed wrong!

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