Rough Draft for Lima Peru Los Olivos Temple

I have been playing around with the second design the Church released last Friday, the design for the Lima Peru Los Olivos Temple. This temple appears to be unlike anything I have seen before, and I don’t think it shares a floorplan with any other temple at this point.

The design itself appears to be very much like the Laie Hawaii temple, with a short central tower surrounded on each side with sections that jut out.

Also, I just noticed that I appear to have 2 suns in this image, hence the double set of shadows. I need to fix that.


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  • I’m thinking it might be a variation of the Cebu Philippines temple’s plan – rectangular with tower in middle.

    • I like this theory, very much. I took a scale image photo of Cebu, and placed it on a to scale image of the Los Olivos Site. I moved it to one end, to make room fro the steps and planters in the official render.
      Cebu Temple on Los Olivos lot
      This fits with the assumption that the temple is mirrored front to back. the side wings on Cebu look alonger than the ones on the Los Olivos render.

    • When they do these front on renders, it is hard to tell. The lot this temple is on is small, though, so it will have to be narrower front to back (going away from the camera) than it is wide (left and right across the camera.)

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