Original Nauvoo Temple Project: Day 5

Another update on the Nauvoo Temple project. I feel like I am dragging myself across the line with this one. I have worked for the last day to do, and redo, and redo again, the attic and roof of the temple.

The research I am relying on for this model was originally compiled by architects and archaeologists who were researching the original temple in order to build the new one. They made fantastic discoveries, sometimes relying upon things like receipts for materials purchases. One of the interesting things I found from them was that the original temple had a white pine shingle roof, but that they were in the process of replacing that with a lead roof. They were able to determine some of the actual parts that had been replaced already, and those are reflected in this model.

Original Nauvoo Temple Attic space and tower base Original Nauvoo Temple Roof and tower base

I am in the process of making the tower, and will upload more images as the model finishes.

Early Roof and Attic Images

OrEarly model attic space.
2005 Attic attempt. The roof-line showed in this and the following image comes from a couple of other individuals attempt at showing what the Temple originally looked like. Accounts I have read recently would indicate they are not correct.
2005 Nauvoo Temple reconstruction attempt
This roofline with the deck area, while cool, proved to not be a correct representation of what the temple looked like.

Nauvoo Temple Update:

See the completed model on my Nauvoo Temple page!


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